About Us


In late 2007, somewhere impossibly far up the Maroni river in the Amazon jungle,  Filmmaker Nico Jolliet was stuck looking for an angle (literally).   Floating down the river in his dug out, flanked by hundreds of miles of unspoiled rainforest with the sun sinking quickly into the jungle canape behind him,  Nico was struggling to find a way to capture the immensity of the moment. “If only my camera could fly” he murmured to himself.

In the spring 2010, while covering the devastating earthquake in Haiti for the award winning documentary Inside Disaster, Nico was again dogged by the limitations imposed on him  by….well, gravity.  After returning from Haiti, Nico disappeared into his studio, intent on building his own remote controlled multi-rotor helicopter camera system. After months of development, soldering and pilot training,  Nico mounted a gopro camera to the smallest of his 3 multi-rotor helicopters (the 4 rotor “quadracopter”) and headed into the wilds of St Lucia to create his first demo, titled  Up In The Hills.

With just 4 rotors, 3 days, a crew of 2 and a backpack, Nico was able to capture St Lucia in a way that would not have been possible with a traditional set of film making tools. Soon after Bugeye films was born.


How We Work

At our core, we’re storytellers, motivated by the possibilities that lie in idea of re-imagining perspective. With our special set of tools, we can take this idea to the furthest reaches of our clients imagination. Working without the confines of gravity let’s us take the lens (and the viewer) where a jib arm or crane simply can’t.

Bugeye Films serves a wide range of industries spanning hospitality, real estate development, advertising, new media, architecture and of course television and film. In each scenario, the scope of our involvement varies. For example, working in television and film, we can act in a support role for DOP’s, Camera Operators and Directors, with our focus set squarely on supporting their vision. We are equally comfortable assuming these roles and seeing a project from its conception through to delivery of the final product.


Fee For Service

Our fee for service varies from job to job. Factors we consider when pricing any project include duration of the job, associated risk, required equipment and crew resources. We welcome all inquiries and encourage you to get in touch with us to talk about your project.